Frequently asked questions about Web Design, Web Site development and Search Engine Optimization

1.)   Why should I choose you to design my web site?

As a successful small business owner who designed over 40 web sites for his own brick and mortar business, which generated millions of dollars of additional revenue and helped us to expand worldwide, I know what it takes to do this for you and your business. Most web designers are excellent at designing beautiful web sites, but they are lacking in the business experience to know what really makes a web site successful and profitable.

I will research your industry, determine the most popular keywords and key phrases, suggest a domain name(s), examine your competitors web sites and design and build a web site that will rank highly on the search engines, be easy to navigate, and generate sales and exposure for you at a reasonable cost.

My Portfolio is online for your review.

2.)   How much will it cost to have a web site designed?

The cost of building a web site depends on how detailed a web site you're interested in and what options you'd like to have. A simple one page web site costs as little as $299, while the average three to five page web site will cost between $1,000 to $2,000. Please fill out a Free Price Quote form and I will email you with an estimate.

3.)   How long will it take to get my web site up and running?

A simple web site can be up and running within 7 to 10 days. A more complicated web site may take several weeks to finish.

4.)   Will my website be hosted on your servers or somewhere else?

I prefer to host my web sites with professional web hosting companies who have the most advanced servers and Internet connections. If you need a domain name or web hosting please ask for my recommendations. The requirements of your web site will determine where you should host your site.

5.)   Do you build Flash entry pages?

No, I don't believe in Flash entry pages. Most importantly, they are very difficult for the search engines to spider, thus resulting in a much lower search engine ranking than a true HTML page.

6.)   Can I have a database on my Web Page?

Yes, I have extensive experience with Cold Fusion databases and Unix and can also handle other database designs.

7.)   What other options are available for my Web Site?

There are lot's of exciting optional features that can be added to your web site such as guestbooks, audio introduction, online catalog, live online chat, message board, email forwarding, visitor log and visitor demographics, and much more.

8.)   Can you redesign an existing site?

Yes, I can do minor redesigns to improve search engine rankings as well as major redesigns to completely update the look and feel of your existing web site.

9.)   How do I contact you to learn more?

You should contact me by telephone, fax or email, all listed on my Contact Page.

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